About Us

Welcome to Party Inventory!
Party Inventory was started in the fall of 2017. Weddings are expensive and the idea to start Party Inventory came shortly after I began planning my own wedding. The process for us first began on whether to buy vs rent. Renting and Buying both have there pluses and minuses. Buying costs you more than renting and it also means more labor. We decided to buy and soon realized that ironing tablecloths and purchasing everything new was both tiresome and not cost effective. Renting on the other hand was in some cases less expensive and the tiresome preparation was already done. This is where Party Inventory was born. I really wanted affordable rental prices for everyone. Today we offer; a photo booth, tablecloths, chair covers, chair bands, and 40″ marquee letters. We are adding new products every week to rent for your special occasion or event. You can find us on all major social media platforms. Please free to contact with us any questions. Customer service is our #1 priority
Thank You,
David Bynum
Founder & Party Consultant